The best of both worlds: Smartwood composite windows and doors combine the natural glow of wood on the inside, with the durability of aluminium outside.

Smartwood windows and doors offer an ideal blend of the visual and the practical. They combine the warm natural glow of timber on the inside with the durability of hard-wearing aluminium on the outside.

Smartwood's composite construction reaches a new technological level allowing timber and aluminium to be combined in a product of outstanding performance. The natural timber grain interior does more than just provide a rich, traditional ambience to all living areas. It also meets contemporary demands for environmental quality by reducing condensation and heat loss, and saving on energy costs.

Unique characteristics
  • A composite window and door system with aluminium on the outside and a timber facing inside
  • Smartwood's invisible thermal insulator creates a very stable environment for the interior timber face 
  • A comprehensive range of windows and doors is available, plus a host of enhancements
Product overview:
  • A full product range is offered
  • A variety of wood types are available including cedar, kwila, jarrah, American oak
  • Double glazed units up to 24mm are possible 
  • Recommended door height of 2.1m
  • Smartwood products need sealing after installation with an appropriate finish

For more information on Smartwood, contact your manufacturer of choice.